We got married September 30th, 2017

A video of our Wedding Service is at https://youtu.be/wOilmvuo2Ao
Thanks to Bill Allman for his great camera work and everyone who made this a special day for us.
The song Beverley Elliot and Chris Knowland wrote about us is at https://youtu.be/BfCR3F_2scc
Me playing drums with Wÿrkshoppe is at https://youtu.be/aCRtp4UcE-Q
At some future date I will incorporate the video from Jerry and Marion too.
​Click here to see ​R​ichard Tattersal’s photos.
If you buy a print or download, the money goes to a charity of Richard’s choosing:
Scottish Rite Learning Centre for children with Dyslexia.
Bonnie and Greg

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Dane Stevens and Anne Babchuck (www.anextraordinarylife.ca) turned the camera around on Bonnie and Greg to get the story of how they met and their Delicious relationship.

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