Our Future Plans

The graphic for our Wedding invitation is a hint of our future adventure plans!

Bonnie and I are booked to attend the American Writers and Artists Incorporated (AWAI) Copywriting Bootcamp and Job Fair in Delray Beach, Florida, starting October 18th.  I attended the Bootcamp in 2015 and loved it.  There are four days of packed presentation by top writers who create marketing copy, social media, blog posts, video sales letters, email campaigns, white papers, travel writing, and more.

Bonnie and I have an opportunity to travel the continent conducting video interviews with practitioners, professionals, and vendors in the Wellness industry.  Bonnie work in this niche up in down the West coast including broker sales, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and food writing.

We also want to do travel writing, photography, and video.  Getting paid to travel!

We will also continue the mission of Design Your Delicious Life, doing interviews and creating posts about all things delicious.  Please visit http://designyourdeliciouslife.com and signup for our Newsletter to receive updates.

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